AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer

Best Value Washer for 2019

Falling slightly behind the Sun Joe SPX3000 on power and warranty, the AR Blue Clean AR383 electric pressure washer still has plenty of innovative features that make it a great buy. Its motor is still top class for an electric pressure washer designed for home use and is most notable for its reliability over other models.
AR Blue Clean AR383 Cleaning Car

Not very good at assembling new items? We were able to be up and running in a matter of minutes since this power washer is almost ready to go out of the box. The wands and pressure hose change out very easily with its quick release system. The quick release is well designed and stays working smoothly even after prolonged use.

Compared to most electric pressure washers, the AR383 is a fairly light-weight unit. At just 27 pounds with built on wheels, anyone can enjoy using this pressure washer with ease. The build quality of the washer, as well as its customer support is excellent. With untouched reliability and ease of use, this washer makes the perfect buy for any homeowner who may be unfamiliar with machinery.

Performance and Features

The motor on the AR Blue Clean generates 1900 PSI while only drawing 13 Amps at peak operation. This is more than enough power for any home projects, and that power can be boosted further by using the turbo wand that is included with the washer. It is incredibly quiet for such a powerful motor and is exceptionally reliable. Electric motors can and do burn out, as well as trip out power supplies. The AR Blue Clean is notable for its complete lack of any problems relating to its motor. While there are some slightly more powerful units on the market, the AR383 is one of the most reliable pressure washers.

Right out of the box, the AR pressure washer can be setup ready to run pretty much as fast as you can plug it in and connect the water supply. The AR Blue Clean AR383 is the washer we would recommend for a novice user such is its ease of use. The pressure hose is a great length and makes it perfect for working from ladders and in awkward spaces. The power cord is 35 feet long, allowing plenty of room to work without readjusting.

The AR Blue Clean also features a Total Stop System (TSS) that disengages the motor once the trigger is not longer depressed. This system alone adds years to the life of the washer and saves a lot of money in energy costs. You only use the power you need and the washer is never running idle. The motor never struggles or overheats, even during bursts of prolonged use like cleaning large areas such as gable walls or long driveways.


The pressure wand is infinitely variable between a zero degree, high pressure, pencil point spray and a wide fan, low pressure spray. This means you can find the perfect pressure and spray pattern for every task. It also means you don't need to stop and change the nozzle each time you require a different pressure, you simply twist the nozzle as required and get back to work. This is a great timesaver on larger projects.

For heavier work, you can harness the full power of the Blue Clean AR383 by attaching the turbo wand. The turbo wand uses a rotating and pulsating action to create more power at the work point and cuts through even the toughest dirt.

A 14 ounce detergent bottle that comes with the washer gives it a proper washing capability, meaning you can wash cars etc., as quickly as you can clear grime from walls.

All the attachments have a quick change, bayonet type connection that works well and holds the attachments very securely.

Warranty and Support

The warranty included with the Blue Clean AR383 is for one year. AR describes it as a bumper to bumper warranty which covers absolutely everything on the washer. This gives you excellent peace of mind when purchasing and greatly reduces maintenance costs over the lifetime of the washer. AR's customer service is acknowledged as best in its class and its customer support team are very easy to access, either by phone or live chat on their website.